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If you can spare a moment, we kindly ask for your participation in this survey to help us enhance our fundraising efforts for next year. Your feedback is invaluable to us. Thank you!

To all our incredible supporters,

We want to extend our deepest gratitude for rallying behind our 2023 Eagle Envelope Fundraiser. Your  generosity has made a significant impact, and though we didn't quite reach our initial goals, your support has brought us closer than ever before!

Without matching, we raised an impressive $87,890, an achievement that wouldn't have been possible without all of your support. While we didn't quite hit our $100,000 goal without matching or the 50% participation target, your contributions have propelled us to new heights.  With matching we will have close to $100K and our final participation total was 43%.

We're thrilled to announce that the top contributors to our fundraiser were Riley Matthews, Kaden Schulman, and Baylie Lyles. Congratulations to these students for their remarkable support!  And CONGRATS to the 6th Grade class for raising the most money!

As we reflect on this year's efforts, we remain optimistic about what the future holds. With your continued support and enthusiasm, we're confident that we'll achieve our goals next year!

Thank you all for being part of our journey and helping us work toward a brighter future for our school. Your generosity inspires us, and we can't wait to see what we'll accomplish together next year!

Warmest regards,
MVMS Foundation & ASB

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